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Creating a Gmail Signature

Whilst adding a simple signature to Gmail is actually quite simple, if you start going into the realms of HTML/Rich Text signatures or something with a little more colour this then becomes even more complex with Gmail. Unfortunately you cannot paste in HTML code to get HTML looking signatures like below but with a clever hack that I am going to show you can get a signature as per below.

'HTML' looking signature:


Plain Text signature:

I am sure you agree the colourful one above looks more professional and would possibly direct more traffic to your site.OK let's start by creating a signature similar to the above colourful version:

  • Open Google Docs (Word equivalent)

  • Create a New Document

  • Add a table into the document

Insert your logo into leftmost column of the table

Highlight the table and 0pt out the grid lines

Highlight the middle line add the line thickness of about 2.25pts and select the colour

That's it, it will now be possible to copy and paste the logo into your gmail signature location. Gmail will then render the logo as well as the line and blurb just fine.

Any questions let me know in the comments below or just go to our video below to see me in action:

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